I’d like to welcome you to my new shop! After all the work I’ve put into this page, I am finally ready to give it a go.

I hope you like it and enjoy your visit here, more content will follow the next weeks.

Why did i create this website?

I think all of you know how it feels to search for a specific goods on the internet, there are so many possibilities to get your hands on them. On one hand you can buy them from private sellers on ebay or other auction sites. On the other hand you can buy them from reseller stores like flightclub, stockx or stadiumgoods where you know you get authentic sneakers but the price is often very high. If you buy from private resellers, there is always the risk of getting scammed or get fake goods.  I always tried to find a solution for this problem, it’s not easy because who likes to trust people you never met? Customers are scared to buy from private resellers and you need to legit check you pairs and pay fees to get protection. So I started this project some weeks ago, creating my own website including an online shop.

So what would you like to see on my page? I already got some ideas which i will definitely translate into action.

Subjects i will cover in my posts are the resell game and sneaker releases. I will also talk about sneaker twitter and maybe some guides how to get to your first pair of limited shoes.

So far thats all i wanted to mention in my first post i hope you’ll come back for more!

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Greetings from Germany


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