Here is my guide on how to get your first pair of Yeezys

No long talk! First of all i want to start and tell you how to get the needed information. When does the shoe release, which sites will release it and where are the raffles you can enter. Nowadays most sites do Instagram or online raffles at their homepage.

Twitter and Sneakerblogs are the ways you get all your information from these days, check out the following for all thats necessary:

Twitter accounts you must follow:

theyeezymafia – one of the most important twitter account, they get early information about yeezy releases and stock numbers, giveaways, carts and more

yeezytalkworldwide – posts information about releases and other sneaker related info

adidasoriginals – not much to say, they confirm the releases pretty late but still worth to follow

Solelinks EU – they post releases and restock links on twitter, check their website for shoplinks

adidasalerts – posts release and restock links on twitter

Sneakerblogs you must read:

Sneakernews – nearly all sneaker releases and news available on their homepage

Solecollector – news, releases and their own marketplace for sneakers

Hypebeast – news for all related fashion and sneaker topics

highsnobiety – lifestyle blog also posts about fashion and sneaker releases

Collected all the necessary information?

Get ready to enter as much raffles as possible. There are different kinds of raffles available.

  • Instore raffles: big sneaker stores often do instore raffles check out their pages to get the info about the registration period
  • Online raffles: easy to find you just need to register when the raffle is open
  • Instagram raffles: really annoying, too many stores switched to IG raffles, instructions on the stores IG account
  • Silent email raffle: I missed some of them, very rare but in my opinion the best way to raffle, write an email to the store in the specific period of time they announced

I haven’t had any luck yet but I still register to about 15 different raffles on every yeezy release. Most of them take place the week before the release, some are even two weeks earlier.

Some other advices i can give to you are:

  • use as many devices as possible
  • be aware of random releases on some pages
  • be patient on adidas splash page, it sometimes takes up to 3 hours

Alright thats it, this is all you need to get you first pair of yeezys. I hope this guide was helpfull for those who are new to the sneakergame.


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